Two Days Training
Software Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering

Are you responsible for implementing SQA within your project?
Do you have to implement SQA in your organization?

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This workshop will describe how your projects concretely benefit from focusing on quality, and why your projects should focus on quality including:

The workshop will also describe the expected roles, organization, and activities of an SQA Group, including the types of support that projects can expect from an SQA Group to help them manage and control their projects. The workshop covers the software quality  engineering principles that form the basis for the Software Quality Assurance KPA of the CMM.

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Upon successful completion of this two-days workshop, participants will:

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The workshop consists of classroom presentations in English (or in Dutch if all participants speak Dutch). Time will be reserverd for answering your questions. The workshop is given by Simon Porro of SPI Partners. You will receive a binder with copies of all (English) slides and a set of related example policies, procedures and checklists.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Course Location & Pricing

Course Location: Aristo Zalen Conference Centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Price: EURO 1.400,- (excl. 19% VAT). The course price for successive participants from one organization and for one participant enrolling in more than one one-day workshop is EURO. 1.260,- (excl. VAT). We reserve ourselves the right to limit the number of registering participants per organization to four. Hotel accomodations are not included in the course fee. Upon registration you will receive a list of hotels in the vicinity.

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There are three easy ways to register:


Download the Fax-registration form
(in zipped PDF-format, 43 Kb).


Fill in the Electronic Registration form,
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Call SPI Partners: 040 - 248 98 22
International: +31 40 98 22
Fax: +31 40 266 86 66


bullet.gif (868 bytes) Payment and Cancellation Policy:
SPI Partners has the right to cancel the course at the latest 15 calendar days prior to the course's start date if fewer than 8 participants have registered at that time.
The invoice for this course will be sent by SPI Partners 15 calendar days prior to the course's start date. Payment on the SPI Partners Bank Account is due 30 days after the invoice date (so about two weeks after the start date of this course). For participants who reside outside the European Union, payment on our Bank Account is due before the start of the course. We do not send invitation letters for obtaining a visum for The Netherlands.
If you are unable to attend this course, your organization may delegate another individual from your organization instead of you until the morning of the start date of the course.
A cancellation fee of EUR. 100,= (excluding VAT) will be charged for cancellations received more than 15 calendar days prior to the course's start date. Registrants whose cancellation is received after sending of the invoice, as well as no shows, are liable for payment of the entire fee for the course.
All prices are in Euro's (EUR) and exclude BTW/VAT.


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For more information about our services call SPI Partners:

Simon Porro, SPI Partners, Sprookjesbosch 53,
5629 JB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 40 248 98 22,
Fax (Courses): +31 40 266 86 66
Fax (Personal): +31 40 248 42 34
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