Intelligent (Software) Inspection
One and half Day

Tom Gilb


Do you want to kick-start or revitalize a "formal" review/inspection method in your organization?
Do you want to improve the quality of any documentation you produce?
Do you intend to become Inspection Team Leader (moderator)?
Do you want to measure the quality of documents?

About Software Inspection

"Inspection" is well known from literature as the most cost-effective way to improve the quality of any document. Productivity improvements in the order of magnitude of "doubling productivity" have been reported as a direct result of introducing Inspections.

Inspection applies to anything in written form, including engineering drawings, proposals, contracts and other management documents, as well as all software related documents as requirements, designs, source code listings, test-plans, test-scripts and user-documentation.

The benefits of using inspection include:

  • early removal of major defects
  • enabling numeric quality assessment of any technical document
  • process improvement
  • staff training on the job
  • gradual productivity improvement

Tom Gilb's version of Inspection is a substantial extension and improvement over the original inspection method of Michael Fagan (early 70's). The Inspection Method is participant friendly and focuses both on identifying defects AND on improving the engineering process. The inspection method is suitable for supporting projects and organizations at any of the five levels of the Software Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

Tom2.gif (14700 bytes)Tom Gilb

Is a leading independent consultant and acknowledged expert in all aspects of systems planning and development arising in large, dynamic multinational organizations. Over the last 30 years he has developed and practiced advanced methods for setting quality requirements, designing, quality control and project management for IT projects, software projects, systems projects and organizational projects. Tom has written several books including "Principles of Software Engineering Management" and "Software Inspection".




bullet.gif (868 bytes) Who should attend?

This public course is suited for those who intend to become inspection team leader, who will implement an inspection process, or people who have the responsibility for selecting innovative software engineering ideas for their organization. The course is typically attended by quality management and process improvement people (SEPG), project managers and any level of systems- and software engineering professionals, including requirements-,  design-, coding-, test-, (user) documentation specialists and consultants.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Aims of the Inspection Course

This course gives a thorough overview of the Advanced Software Inspection method, developed by Tom Gilb, his colleagues and clients in the past 23 years. The material covered teaches to the level of Inspection Team Leader (Moderator). The aim is to provide you with sufficient information to enable you to organize and run effective inspections and to implement the inspection method in your organization.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Structure and Schedule of the Course

The course is composed of lectures and exercises (see below). The exercises will be carried out in small teams. Inspections are carried out on real (non confidential) documents (both Dutch and English) from the participants. The number of participants is limited to no more than 28 per class to allow maximum opportunity to ask questions and raise issues.

Day 1:
13.00 - 17.30
Day 2:
09.00 - 16.00
  • Inspection overview (entry, planning, kickoff, checking, logging, edit, exit)
  • Differences from conventional inspections
  • The planning phase
  • Making the master plan
  • Entry and exit conditions
  • Rules, checklists and procedures
  • kickoff meeting
  • Produce inspection master plan
  • Carry out one inspection


  • Inspection Objectives
  • Evaluation of inspection results
  • Maximizing effectiveness
  • Selected topics


bullet.gif (868 bytes) Course Materials

For this course there will be no paper binders. Instead we will provide you with a CD with the course materials (powerpoint) and much more good stuff at the start of the course. You can take your laptop/notebook PC with you to the course, so that you can write your own comments.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Course Location & Pricing

Course Location: Aristo Zalen Conference Centre, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, The Netherlands.
Price: EUR. 1.050,- (excl. VAT). In order to encourage multiple registrations from the same organization, the course price for successive participants from one organization is EUR 945,- (excl. VAT). We reserve ourselves the right to limit the number of registering participants per organization to four.

Hotel accommodations are not included in the course fee. Upon registration you will receive a list of hotels in the vicinity.


bullet.gif (868 bytes) Registration

There are three easy ways to register:


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Submit the Web Registration form


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bullet.gif (868 bytes) Payment and Cancellation Policy:

SPI Partners has the right to cancel the course at the latest 15 calendar days prior to the course's start date if fewer than 8 participants have registered at that time.
The invoice for this course will be sent by SPI Partners 15 calendar days prior to the course's start date. Payment on the SPI Partners Bank Account is due 30 days after the invoice date (so about two weeks after the start date of this course). For participants who reside outside the European Union, payment on our Bank Account is due before the start of the course.
If you are unable to attend this course, your organization may delegate another individual from your organization instead of you until the morning of the start date of the course.
A cancellation fee of NLG. 200,= (excluding VAT) will be charged for cancellations received more than 15 calendar days prior to the course's start date. Registrants whose cancellation is received after sending of the invoice, as well as no shows, are liable for payment of the entire fee for the course.
All prices are in Dutch Guilders (NLG) and exclude BTW/VAT.

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