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Achieving Personnel EXcellence

APEX Course Details




Elevate your business performance and enhance spirituality!
Rediscover inner balance and rejuvenate health through powerful breathing techniques

Because of increasing pressures to achieve and produce at a faster rate, stress is considered a normal part of the typical business routine. Higher levels of stress are being experienced in the work place, regardless of earning capacity or status. Unless the quality of life is improved, disappointment and frustration will continue to interfere with creativity, productivity and harmonious interaction, and will ultimately affect both business and personal life.

The APEX Course is a proven method for improving the quality of life. It is a practical and effective training program that can empower managers and employees to experience unshakable calmness and inner clarity in the midst of any challenge or crisis. The APEX Course is based on innovative breathing techniques and processes that permanently reduce stress and heighten one's mental clarity and awareness. These powerful techniques, which are easily learned and practiced, improve concentration, enhance creativity and increase efficiency.

The Benefits
Participants have reported among others:

  • Greater creativity and clarity of mind for executives and employees.
  • Improved productivity and team efficiency
  • Higher morale and unity among co-workers
  • Greater commitment and job satisfaction
  • Improved health and wellness
  • Increased physical energy
  • Heightened enthusiasm
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Reduced stress
  • Techniques that allow the benefits to continue after the seminar

Seminar Format
The APEX Course can be designed to fit the requirements of any group or business. A minimum of eighteen hours is required, with four additional two-hour follow-up sessions. We highly recommend choosing an off-site location for the course. A typical course is divided into four sessions and can be held over a weekend or during the week.

Course Schedule for Public Course


18.30 - 21.30
18.30 - 21.30
18.30 - 21.30
10.00 - 16.00

Follow-up Sessions
The course package includes four follow-up sessions of approximately two hours each. Follow-up sessions include a review of the program, with emphasis on the practice of the Healing Breath Technique. Ongoing follow-up sessions are suggested and can be arranged.

Number of Participants
The ideal number of course participants is between 30 and 40.


The workshop will be in English. There will be Dutch translation.

Workshop Fee

The fee for the APEX workshop is 995,- excluding 19% VAT/BTW. In the fee are included: course materials, lunch on saturday and four follow-up sessions of 2,5 hours.
A substantial part of the revenues is donated to social projects of IAHV.

Further Information

For further information please call or e-mail the teacher Radha Poeran,
Tel: +31.(0)649.908.853, E-mail:,
or view the full APEX course curriculum on:


Please d
ownload the APEX course registration form, fill it out, print it and send it via fax or regular mail to Radha Poeran. Formats: zipped WORD, or WORD.



The APEX Course is a program of the
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