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This page was based on the web-pages of CMM-level-2 Focus Group Site and thereafter extended with European and Dutch links.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Dutch Interest Groups

SPIder Dutch Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)
ESPINODE-NL The Dutch web-site for the ESSI project ESPINODE for dissmination of SPI-results in Europe. The Dutch ESSI contract partner is SERC
Dutch SPI-Providers An overview of organizations that provide SPI-consultancy and training in The Netherlands in the field of SPI
NESMA NEderlandse Software Metrieken Associatie (before NEFPUG, one of the oldest Function Point Analaysis User Groups)
NGI The "Nederlands Genootschap voor Informatica". NGI has working groups in the field of Software Process Improvement.
VRI The "Vereniging van Register-Informatici". VRI has working groups in the field of Software Process Improvement
nGIA Nederlands Genootschap voor Informatie Architectuur (Dutch professional association in the field of Information Architecture)
NOREA Nederlandse Orde van Register EDP Auditors (Dutch professional association of EDP auditors)
FENIT Federatie Nederlandse IT
EXIN The Dutch Exam-institute for Informatics
ITSMF IT Service Management Forum
INK "Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit". INK organizes the Annual Dutch Quality Prize and Quality Award, according to the Dutch Quality Model.
EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management. EFQM organizes the Annual European Quality Award.
NNI Dutch Normalization Institute

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Software Process Improvement, CMM, CMMI, SE-CMM, PSP Related Sites

Software Technology Support Center Provides quite a bit of good documentation on CMM Level 2 and process improvement in general.
SEI Homepage The Software Engineering Institute's Home Page
European Software Institute (ESI) The European Software Institute is a major industry initiative, founded by leading European companies, to improve the competitiveness of the European Software Industry, including both suppliers and users.
ESPI Foundation The European Software Process Improvement Foundation disseminates SPI results throughout Europe. They organize the yearly European SEPG-conference.
Rochester Software
Quality Association
Great page for SEI/CMM/Level 2 KPA information
SPI Partners/Providers The list of Dutch suppliers of Software Process Improvement Services
NRaD SEPO HOME PAGE SEPO provides software engineering processes and consulting services to projects, conducts and facilitates software engineering training, and acts as a software engineering
clearinghouse for NRaD
IPD-CMM Brief Description This page lists the goals, plans, and participation for the Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model (IPD-CMM)
SE-CMM Brief Description This page lists the goals, plans, and participation for the Systems Engineering Capability Maturity Model
People Capability
Maturity Model (SM) (P-CMM(SM))
The SEI's link for the P-CMM
The Process Group This site contains links to the "Process Group Post News Letter".
ITG Software Process
Improvement (SPI)
Discusses ITG's Software Process Improvement Program
IT Service CMM The IT Service CMM is a Capability Maturity Model, aimed at IT services providers.
DISA'S Software Process Improvement Program Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA's) homepage
EPOS group Home Page EPOS (Expert System for Program and ("og") System Development) is a SEE (Software Engineering Environment) with emphasis on Process Modelling, Software Configuration Management and support to cooperative work.
Software Development: People, Process, Technology This site contains a presentation discussing the interaction of people, process, and
STSC Home Page The Software Technology Support Center. Maintained by the USAF. Contains various links to SPI resources.
Software Design & Engineering:
Process Management Issues
A conglomeration of process improvement information
Useful Internet Sites related to Software Process Improvement A list of links to process improvement sites
ASSET A nice collection of process improvement links
R.S. Pressman The R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. homepage contains quite a few links to Software Process improvement sites.
Other Software Metrics / Process
Improvement Resources
The Software Productivity Center's page of SPI links.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Journals & Magazines

CrossTalk The Journal of Defense software Engineering.
Computable Web pages of Dutch ICT-Magazine
Automatiseringgids Web pages of Dutch ICT-Magazine, with regular articles and advertorials on SPI
Object Current This is an online OO magazine. However, it contains articles by Watts Humphrey on the CMM and PCMM

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Project Management

Managing Software Development The purpose of this course is to help technically-trained software engineers to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a team of software developers.
Project Management Software - FAQ

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Software Engineering Sites

Software Engineering Online Service Contains quite a bit of Software Engineering Information
Software Eng Contains links to the FAQ
IIT Software Engineering This is the homepage for IIT Software Engineering Group. This group performs research and development in software engineering. Contains a few links to other software engineering sites.
Software Engineering Process Maturity
This is a GREAT link for CMM, Trillium, etc.
Software Productivity Consortium WWW Server The Software Productivity Consortium was established by its member companies in 1985 to develop processes, methods, tools, and services that improve the design and implementation of
high-quality, software-intensive systems.
WWW Virtual Library - Software Engineering Entry in the WWW Virtual Libary for Software Engineering CMM Questions CMM Questions
Tero Ahtee's
software engineering reference list
An extensive software engineering book list.
Software Productivity Research - Articles,
Books, and White Papers
White papers on software engineering topics
Software Engineering Home Page A conglomeration of software engineering information
Software Engineering Main Page A conglomeration of software engineering information
Software Reengineering
Web Home Page
Contains quite a bit of Software Reengineering information.
Cleanroom Software Engineering A DoD Tutorial by Software Engineering Technology, Inc.
Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc. Everything you ever wanted to know about Cleanroom
Software Engineering Internet Resource List Links to other Software Engineering Sites
Software Engineering Links to other Software Engineering Sites
Williamson's Software
Engineering Pages
Links to other Software Engineering Sites
SPI WWW Sources Links to other Software Engineering Sites
ASSET A nice collection of process improvement links

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Trillium, Spice, Bootstrap

The Trillium Model Everything you ever wanted to know about Trillium
SPICE - Welcome Page The official SPICE web-site. A description of SPICE
SPICE (via ESI) A description of SPICE
Canadian SPICE Web Server Canadian SPICE Web Server
The Bootstrap
Bootstrap was developed through 3 years of research and development and is a software process assessment and improvement methodology used by over 130 organisations world-wide to improve software quality.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) Quality, Deming, TQM

The Software Quality Page Software Quality Page: Contains many links to software quality, standards and process improvement
EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management. EFQM organizes the Annual European Quality Award
INK "Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit". INK organizes the Annual Dutch Quality Prize according to the "Model Nederlandse Kwaliteit"
QA Dude's
Software Quality Resources
A fantastic collepoiction of Quality related links.
QA Dude's Software Quality Resources A fantastic collection of Quality related links. Probably the best I have seen. Well worth the look.
Quality Resources and Information This site contains a HUGE collection of sites. Very well done. Well worth a look.
Quality Resources Online Welcome to Quality Resources Online, a collection of quality-related information and groups accessible over the world-wide Internet, from QUALITY.ORG.
Griffith University, SQI World Wide Web server for the Australian Software Quality Research Institute
CQI Server Home Page This service is provided in support of world-wide efforts in quality improvement and
education in quality.

bullet.gif (868 bytes) IEEE, ISO

IEEE Home Page IEEE Computer home page
IEEE Computer Society IEEE Computer Society home page
Welcome to ISO Online International Organization for Standards
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 The Software Engineering Web-site of ISO

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