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Arno Korpershoek
(NL, B)
Simon Porro
Simon Porro
Niels Malotaux
Niels Malotaux
Michel Rutgers
Michel Rutgers
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Malte Foegen
Tom Gilb
Tom Gilb
(Norway, UK)
Tim Kasse
Tim Kasse
(USA, Germany)
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Orhan Kalayci
(Turkey, Canada)
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Peter Leeson

Arno Korpershoek (Senior Partner - NL)

arno1.jpg (13301 bytes)Arno Korpershoek (1960) has over 15 years experience in Software Project and Process Management. He delivers training, workshops and consultancy on Project Management, Process Management, CMM(-I) assessments, Risk Management, Team Building etc.
In his work he uses a pragmatic approach. In this sense CMM(-I) is one of the tools to achieve business objectives. Other tools to support this approach are Systems Thinking (to identify underlying and hidden issues in order to solve real problems instead of effects), Mental Models and Dialogue, which are used to identify and handle resistance against change and learning opportunities. Apart from the pragmatic approach his main focus is on the soft aspects of improvement and change. Ultimately it involves creating an environment in which people enjoy to work in order to improve their effectiveness for the organization.
He presented a paper on managing complexity in process and communication at the 2002 SEPG in Amsterdam. Arno is an active member of the Dutch SPIder group. Furthermore he is board member of the Dutch Society for Organizational Learning. For more information contact Arno via arno.korpershoek@spipartners.nl. Tel: +

Simon Porro (Senior Partner - NL)

simon_porro.jpg (4382 bytes)Simon (1962) is Software Performance Improvement consultant. He founded SPI Partners in 1997 and he is based in Eindhoven (NL). Simon holds a masters degree in computing Science from Eindhoven University of Technology. Since 1985 he works in the fields of software and systems engineering, project- and group management, (software) quality assurance, quality systems management and software process assessment and improvement. Simon is SEI Authorized SCAMPI Lead Appraiser and SEI authorized instructor of the SEI Introduction to CMMI course. He teaches ISO 9000, internal auditing, CMM, CMMI, Evolutionary Project Management, Specification of Requirements and Strategic Objectives. He trains and leads appraisal teams and guides process improvement programs. He is instructor of most of the SPI Partners public courses. He regularly carries out second opinions for large process improvement and outsourcing programmes. Simon was member of one of the audits teams for the Dutch Quality Prize 1998 and he was ISO 9001 certification auditor with the Dutch Certification body KEMA.
Contact information: Simon Porro, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Tel: +, Fax: +, Email: porro@spipartners.nl, Website: http://www.spipartners.nl

Michel Rutgers (NL)

michel_rutgers.jpg (6529 bytes)Michel (1963) is independent change management consultant with 16 years experience in ICT-consultancy and project management. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics. Michel followed the traditional career path from development, project leader, consultant to senior business consultant. He has extensive experience with Rapid Application Development, Function Point Analysis, the art of leading workshops and he is a highly valued trainer for these subjects.
Together with SPI Partners, Michel gives the training course "Organizing and Leading Workshops" (in Dutch).
In recent years his consulting and knowledge transition focus is on helping system development organizations with implementing change management. He leads improvement projects, coaches and trains people, teams and organizations to implement change. He is specialised in CMM-based Software Process Improvement and in coaching the implementation of knowledge management, for which he developed a growth model.
Michel is chair of the working group "CMM level 2 Implementatioin" of SPIder, the Dutch Software Process Improvement Network. Furthermore he is member of the examination-committee for certified CMM-exams at EXIN.
For more information call: Michel Rutgers, Advanced Deployment Consultancy, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, Tel: +31.655.815.879, Email: michel.rutgers@spipartners.nl

Tim Kasse (USA)

tim_kasse.jpg (4307 bytes)Tim Kasse (1950) is Manager and Principal Consultant of Kasse Initiatives LLC, founded in 1999. Before he was the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and a Principal Consultant of the Institute for Software Process Improvement Inc. (ISPI), founded in 1991. During his work at the SEI, he was a major contributor to the development of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Tim is recognized as the individual most responsible for the evolution of the SEI's assessment method. He is the architect of the Action Focused Assessment Method. Tim was the primary developer and trainer of many ISPI trainings and workshops, including Software Process Improvement Awareness, Software Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, SEPG, People CMM and Action Focused Assessments. Tim has trained thousands of people worldwide on process improvement. He has participated in more than 60 Action Focused Software Process Assessments, over half of which have been conducted in Europe.
Tim Kasse and SPI Partners jointly offer a range of public software process Improvement courses in Holland among which "SEI Introduction to the CMM", "CMMI" and "Action Focused CMM Assessor". SPI Partners serves as agent for Tim's training and consulting in Holland. Tim has an office in Arizona - USA. Contact Tim through: kassetc@aol.com, www.kasseinitiatives.com,  or via Simon Porro: porro@spipartners.nl.

Tom Gilb (Norway & UK)

tom_gilb.jpg (4576 bytes)Tom (1941) is a leading independent consultant and acknowledged expert in all aspects of systems planning and development arising in large, dynamic multinational organizations. Over the last 40 years he has developed and practiced advanced methods for setting quality requirements, designing, quality control and project management for IT projects, software projects, systems projects and organizational projects. Tom has written several books including "Principles of Software Engineering Management" and "Software Inspection". Recent book manuscripts are Competitivie Engineering and Prioritiy Management.
We feel priviliged to have Tom train and mentor us. We publicly offer Tom's "Software Inspection - Team Leader", "Advanced Requirements Specification" and "Evolutionary Project Management" courses and we serve as agent for Tom in Holland. For more information on Tom's books, articles and his reservation schedule, see Tom's web-site www.gilb.com, or or via Simon Porro: porro@spipartners.nl.

Malte Foegen (Germany)

maltefoegen.gif (11204 bytes)Malte Foegen (1968) is managing director of wibas IT Maturity Services in Darmstadt, Germany and he is in charge of wibas’ Software Process Improvement services. He is CMMI and SPICE assessor. Besides his expertise in project and change management, Malte is an expert in several process models (e.g. Rational Unified Process) as well as CMMI and ISO standards. He is member of the ISO 15504 SPICE) Working Group. Malte has several years of project management experience within IBM. He co-developed IBM’s Method for IT projects and managed an international team to implement this method in IBM projects.
For more information see www.wibas.de or email to malte.foegen@wibas.de or call +49-6151-5033490


Peter Leeson (UK)

peter_leeson.jpg (3655 bytes)With some twenty-five years experience in the software development industry and ten years consultancy in software process improvement, Peter has extended the Q:PIT product base with many qualities and experience. is an authorised lead assessor for the Software Engineering Institute's CMM® Based Assessment for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI). He is also trained in other models and approaches, such as ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICe) and Bootstrap. He is also the creator of the Constructive Assessment Technique.
Peter is also an experienced trainer and public speaker who has frequently been recognised for outstanding contributions. He has developed numerous workshops and presentations.
With experience throughout Europe and beyond, having lived in the Belgium, France, the United States and Great Britain, speaking several languages, Peter has a truly international approach and does not believe that there is the "one-size fits all" approach to solving issues. For more information about Peter, visit www.Q-pit.co.uk, or e-mail: peter@q-pit.co.uk

Orhan Kalayci (Turkey & Canada)

peter_leeson.jpg (3655 bytes)Orhan Kalayci (1969) is the Turkish partner of SPI Partners. He is founder and principal consultant of Extreme Process Improvement (XPI), based in Canada and Nitelik*, based in Turkey. Nitelik is Turkey's premier process improvement and CMMI service provider. Orhan has more than 15 years of experience in CMM and CMMI process improvement. He received his BS in Computer Engineering and MS in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. His greatest strength is in his ability to assist organizations in institutionalizing newly defined processes, while helping their people learn to accept, love, and own the new processes. Orhan is candidate SCAMPI Lead Appraiser and candidate instructor of the SEI Introduction to CMMI course.
Orhan has provided services to numerous high-level organizations including the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Bimar, Meteksan Sistem (CMMI L3), Siemens Turkey and Alcatel Turkey. In 2006, he  played leading role in assisting Meteksan Sistem Turkey to reach CMMI ML-3, by identifying and implementing seven success factors for cultural change toward process improvement.
Orhan is a permanent resident of Canada, however his work continues to take him to Europe and Turkey on a regular basis. For more information about Orhan, visit www.xpi.ca or in Turkey www.nitelik.net, or via mail: orhan.kalayci@xpi.ca or orhan.kalayci@nitelik.net.

 *Nitelik is the Turkish word for Quality.

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Simon Porro, SPI Partners, Sprookjesbosch 53,
5629 JB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 40 248 98 22,
Fax (Courses): +31 40 266 86 66
Fax (Personal): +31 40 248 42 34
Email: info@spipartners.nl  Web: http://www.spipartners.nl.

® CMM and CMMI are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.
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